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Jemma Swales

Responsive Communication

Jemma Swales offers responsive communication which is delivered through one to one sensory sessions. Jemma works with the young person and their parent/carers to teach this powerful technique which focuses on using a range of methods to communicate. These sessions are for individuals who use non-verbal communication or might be seen as ‘hard to reach’ or ‘in their own world’.

Sessions are offered during school holiday sessions and throughout the year. Sessions usually last an hour and parents/carers can book one-off sessions or if preferred, a set of sessions can be booked, during the summer or over the course of the year to refresh skills.

Next Sessions

We're running a series of one hour sessions throughout Easter that will teach you how to communicate in ways which are meaningful to your young person.

Private sessions are 1 hour each and cost £10. Sessions are facilitated by Jemma Swales
 and will show you methods to connect which will help with communication and behaviour.

Please contact Bettina on to book a place.

A flyer for Responsive Communication for Easter 2024.

Get In Touch


For more information about responsive communication sessions please get in touch with Jemma by calling 07767 732869 or by emailing

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