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Friday Social Group 4.30 – 6pm – Kendal

Andy runs this group for young people with Aspergers aged 17 – 25 with support from Ali and Leigh. This group meets in Wetherspoons in Kendal and gives our young people the opportunity to meet and socialise and talk about the topics of the day with a drink and something to eat.

This group is currently running as an online group from 4pm to 5.30pm every Friday

We have limited numbers in our clubs to ensure that our young people have the support they need. If you are interested or would like more information please contact

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"The group for me, I've made so many friends from it. Its always been a good experience and I look forward to seeing all of my friends on a Friday. The group is full of like minded people who always look out for each other".

Autus Cumbria has been given funding from the Francis C Scott Charitable Trust to develop our provision for adults with autism.

Nationally only 15% of adults identified as having ASC are in full time employment. Past discussions with employment support agencies based in South Lakes have confirmed that they have a significant client base that are identified as having hidden disabilities, learning difficulties and/or speech and language difficulties. They believe some of these people are on the Autistic Spectrum, although they may not necessarily have a diagnosis.


As ASC specialists we are looking at ways to support adults (18+) to access services and activities that will reduce social isolation and promote their own self advocacy and wellbeing. We are also working alongside businesses and organisations to develop their understanding of adults with ASC and how to support them effectively.

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