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Autus Cumbria is committed to helping positively change the way that autistic people are seen and understood in the community.    

Jemma Swales runs training sessions that support people in developing their understanding of  autism. For example, Jemma has worked with doctors to help them better understand the needs of their autistic patients, with teachers in schools working with autistic pupils and with businesses to help them provide better custom service for their   autistic customers.

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"We can all learn more about autism, gain a true understanding of how complex the world can be for the autistic mind and work towards making communities fully inclusive".

Jemma Swales

I deliver training across the UK. I am very happy to have a chat about the training sessions I  offer for Autus Cumbria, the cost and how I can tailor them to your environment. Click here to  see a general overview of a training session. 

Jemma Swales - 


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