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The Return of Sensing Melodies

A band performing on stage during Sensing Melodies at the Laurel & Hardy Museum

What a great night we had yesterday at the return of Sensing Melodies. It was a brilliant night full of amazing performances from local autistic people. Last night would not have been possible without the help and support of so many people so we’ve got many of them to thank.

We’d like to thank Mark and Matthew from The Laurel and Hardy Museum for hosting us over the years and welcoming us this year with open arms for our return.

We’d also like to thank Robbie Hogg for designing our new Sensing Melodies banner and HSP Milners for printing.

Our very own Laurel and Hardy, Andy and Hugh were brilliant hosts throughout the night so a big thank you to them along with all of our brilliant performers.

We’d also like to thank all the local businesses that donated towards our raffle on the night and to Sarah Carter for organising and running this during the evening.

Sophie Broadgate was busy filming all night and we can’t wait to see the highlights so keep your eyes peeled.

Lastly we’d like to thank everyone who attended, without you last night wouldn’t have been possible, it would’ve just been us performing to an empty room

Happy Sensing Melodies!

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