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Leigh Gill

youth worker 

Hello, My name is Leigh and I have been working with Autus since 2018, helping as a Youth Group Autism Support worker for their weekly clubs.

I have 18 years’ experience working for a national charity, supporting adults with a wide range of mental health conditions, providing person-centered support for emotional, physical and mental health well-being needs. In recent years this has led me to specifically focus on the needs of children and adults with Autism and related conditions, working one-to-one with individuals, alongside families, organisations, schools and colleges.

As Autism is becoming more and more acknowledged, it is becoming increasingly necessary to provide awareness of the issues and challenges people with Autism face on a day to day basis. Working with Autus is exceptionally uplifting - watching members grow and develop over the years is testament to the competence of their dedicated team and person-centered approach.

Supporting individuals and families plays such an important part in the local community and I look forward to Autus extending their support and activities over the years to come.

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