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Jemma Swales

founder member, autism practitioner, training 

Hello I'm Jemma. I am an independent autism practitioner who has been working in Cumbria with families and individuals on the spectrum since 2011. Prior to this I completed a degree in Psychology and a post graduate certificate in ASC. My previous work included working at a day service in London for adults with autism and as a transition coordinator for Hertfordshire County Council.

As well as my one-to-one work with individuals on the autistic spectrum, I also work alongside schools and deliver autism training covering many areas including Responsive Communication, sensory difficulties and understanding behaviour.


The beginning of Autus Cumbria started very much as a labour of love. We began by running activity groups over the holidays and we have grown from there.  Most importantly we wanted to create something in the community that people could trust. That people would hear the name Autus Cumbria and associate it with a group that supports and champions autistic adults and children. I am incredibly proud of the team we have, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience from both the parent and professional sides.  I am excited for our future as we grow, learn and develop with the voices of the autism community guiding us.

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