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Andy Cook

 youth groups 

My name is Andy Cook and I am an Autism Practitioner with over 15 years of experience working with people with autism and disabilities in a variety of settings form residential colleges and schools to more community based work. I first heard of Autus in 2016 and was immediately keen to become involved and a part of the team. I find Autus's vision and genuine motivation to help and change peoples lives inspirational.


I work with Autus to deliver several weekly term time clubs for children and young adults in the community with autism, as well as running  many holiday activities. I also organise and manage an annual music/performance fundraising event called "Sensing Melodies" where members of the autism community have the opportunity to showcase their many talents.   


My  approach is person centred, putting the health, safety, welfare and emotional needs of the client at the forefront of my practice. As a freelance Autism Practitioner working with many people in a variety of situations, I consider my knowledge and understanding of the Autism community and its services, broad and well understood. With this in mind, I feel that Autus provide a vital, supportive and caring learning environment for our members to grow and develop their personal and social skills which otherwise may not be met without such understanding and expertise. The clubs give our members the opportunity to learn form their experiences without judgement or authority, enabling them to take ownership of their choices and to become more empowered as they grow. 


I am very lucky to be part of the team and am excited to see Autus develop in the future, offering more opportunity for children and adults in areas such as personal development, employment, work experience, socialisation, and in residential settings; delivering bespoke packages for individuals on the autism spectrum.

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